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Finally, a USA storage belt that's great for hiding money, documents, keys, etc. Don't trust a cheap flexible import money belt for hiding important items. Two pieces of USA premium full grain leather and a high quality jamb-proof nylon zipper. A solid 14-15 oz belt is weight for a sturdy high quality gun belt. A favorite of survivalists and preppers and great for bug-out bags. 9 holes at 3/4" for wide range of adjustment and for critical holster adjustment. Comes in a standard 1.5" width perfect width for most belt loops and holsters. Made with Chicago screw fasteners for maximum holding power and changeable buckle.


  • Zippered Storage for Money, Copy of Passports, etc.
  • A favorite of survivalists and preppers. Smugglers belt.
  • 100% USA made - don't trust cheap flexible imports
  • Made from 100% USA full grain leather for quality and security
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • This is made thick and perfect for CCW


  • 1.5" Width 
  • 9 holes at 3/4" Spacing
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Elongated Quiet Roller Buckle
  • Chicago Screws for changeable buckle
  • 14-15 oz Full Grain Leather, Approximately 1/4" Thick


What size should I order?

  • Measure an old belt from the fold of the leather at the buckle to the hole you're using on that belt to carry your firearm.  Use that measurement as your belt size.
  • For more detailed instructions, see our Perfect Fit Sizing page.


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