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Eel Leather Gun Belt



Genuine Eel Skin Dual Layer Dress Belt 

Our Pacific eel leather dress belts are handmade exclusively in our custom leather shop out of real eel skin. Pacific eel leather is a shiny and durable leather that is extremely soft. We purchase our eel hides from USA leather tanneries that follow the strict requirements of CITES.

It is sewn together with nylon stitching, ensuring long lasting durability and quality. The inside is also made with premium leather and the edges are hand rounded.

Our belts come with a polished brass buckle or a polished chrome over brass and are 1.25" width.

We purchase our exotic hides from USA tanneries who follow the strict requirements of the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species (CITES) permits. Exotic hides can vary in texture, patterns and color but the picture is a good example of what you will receive. 


American Made, End to End.™

Made in the USA by Daltech Force®

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