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The Inside-Waistband Compact Discreet Carry Holster for Glocks was introduced with DSG Arms in 2015 and quickly became our most popular Kydex holster option ever! We followed the “KISS” principle to build a low-profile inside-waistband (IWB) concealed carry option to fit a wide range of Glock gun models. The rubber-mounted belt clips are adjustable for cant – upright/vertical for appendix carry, or canted forward for behind-the-hip carry. The CDC Holster easily slides onto standard size 1.5” or 1. 75” belts, locking securely into place.




  • Adjustable retention on all holster models
  • Refined and smooth finished edges for a comfortable, close-to-the-body fit
  • Engineered sight channel for night sights and most suppressor sights
  • Adjustable cant: upright/vertical for appendix carry or canted forward for behind the hip carry
  • Compatible with all Daltech Force gun belts and recommended by instructors with the SuperBio® gun belt



  • Durable hi-tech Kydex 100 construction with scratch-resistant texture and higher heat tolerance
  • Rubber-mounted injection molded 1.5” belt clips for easy on-and-off and break-proof design
  • ADJUSTABLE CANT & RETENTION: Holster is delivered in an upright/vertical cant. Adjust holster cant by loosening screw on right side of belt clip and re-positioning the left-side belt clip screw to the second available hole. Tighten both screws snugly after adjusting cant. Adjust weapon retention by tightening or loosening the two tension screws on lower right-side of holster.



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