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Ankle Concealment Holster with Padded Neoprene with Mag Pocket



Purpose & Build


Perfect solution for your back-up concealed carry handgun; it is very comfortable and more concealable than a belt holster. Comfort-Wear elastic stretches around your ankle to conceal one handgun and an extra magazines. New design allows for quick and easy reholstering with our exclusive reholstering tab design; comes standard on all belly bands. Great for activities that require more movement or for deep concealed carry. This is not your typical one layer elastic holster; we manufacture this product with a layer of elastic and a layer of neoprene for heavy duty use.




  • - We design and develop our products with Law Enforcement to create top products in the industry.
  • - Flexible, comfortable elastic concealment holster 
  • - Easy to wear feels comfortable and secure all day
  • - Padded on the inside with thick, durable neoprene that keeps your gun from digging into your ankle
  • - Great for running and other activities that require more movement
  • - We use military grade materials for the ultimate support




  • - Ankle Holster Size: 4” Width
  • - Color: Black, White or Olive Tan
  • - Number of Guns: 1 Holster Pocket
  • - Number of Mags: One Magazine
  • - Gun Size: Small to Medium Semi-auto or revolver (See gun size below)
  • - Lining: Padded with Neoprene for comfort and security
  • - Handing: Left or Right Handing


Small Gun Pocket Fits: Single stack semi-autos like NAA revolvers, Deringers, Ruger LCP/LC9/LC380, Kel-Tec P3AT/P32, Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat, S&W 380 Bodyguard, Taurus PT-22, Phoenix Arms, Seecamp, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, Sig P238/P938, Kahr P380, and all similar sized small guns with shooter barrel length. Also fits Kimber Solo, Beretta Nano, Taurus PT709 Slim/PT238, Walther PPS, Glock 42/43. Will also fit snub nose J-Frame Revolvers like S7W, Charter Arms, Taurus and all similar. Will fit 1911 models but not recommended for the 5 inch full size due to barrel length. Fits all guns listed above with or without your attached factory laser.

Recommended for guns weighing under 25 oz with a full magazine.



Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Made in the USA by Daltech Force®

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