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SuperBio® Gun Belts

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Unbelievably tough CCW holster belt! We call it our indestructible belt.  There is absolutely no stretch, sag, or fold-over making this the strongest gun belt you will ever own. High-strength hi-tech thermopolymer polyurethane leather-like textured material with an internal integrated polyester webbing that makes it durable, waterproof, easy to clean and stronger than natural leather.  This concealed carry belt is flexible and comfortable to wear all day and feels very secure and can take extra cinching if you like to wear your holster tight to your body.  As stiff as Kydex, but will not break!  Great choice for all Kydex and all leather holsters.  A perfect fit for holster clips. 

SuperBio® is a registered trademark and designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Daltech Force in the USA.