Do I choose 1/4" or 3/16" for a gun belt? Choose 1/4" for the ultimate gun belt. These are the thickest and stiffest gun belts we make. There are styles made with one solid piece of bull hide leather like the kind we make for Bullhide Belts.

If 1/4" is just too thick for you and you want a belt that is still a great gun belt but want it to be more manageable choose the 3/16" thickness. This is the dress leather thickness we make for Bullhide Belts.

You can choose between a solid piece of leather for you gun belt or you can choose two pieces of leather that are stitched together...choose single or dual layer.

Our 1/4" belts are 14-16 ounces, or around 1/4” thick. If you stack up four quarters this is pretty close to the thickness of our triple thick leather. Our 3/16" belts are 12-13 ounces, and around 3/16” thick. If you stack up three quarters this is pretty close to the thickness of our double thick leather.

Don't be confused by thinking that the number of leather layers used to make a belt will indicate the thickness of the belt. A single layer belt can be just as thick as a dual layer belt.

What if I get my belt and it is too thick? From time to time, we do get extra thick hides from the tannery. We use the hides to make belts, and we like to leave it to the customer to decide if it is too thick for their liking. If you receive a belt you believe to be too thick, we will gladly take it back and replace it with a slightly thinner belt for free.

Where are your products made and who makes them? Our belts are made by us. All our products are made by hand in three of our locations. Non-leather goods like belly bands and concealment T-shirts are made in our Fremont, Indiana USA location. This is also our shipping and returns facility, and our corporate offices. Our leather belts, holsters, and other heavy leather work is done in our LaGrange, Indiana and Shipshewana, Indiana facilities. A retail store for walk-in customers is at our Fremont office location. 

How long will it take to make my order? All our products are made by us in our own facilities. Most products take 2-3 days to manufacture. As soon as your product is produced in our shop it is ready to ship. Depending on the method of shipping, it will usually arrive in 2-4 days. Some items we make to stock in our inventory and are ready to ship same day.



How do I find the right size belt? That's easy! Take your pants waist size and add (+) 2 inches to find your belt size. 

Where can I find the status of my order? If you created an account when placing your order, simply go to the “My Account” link at the top of the site, log in, and view your Order History. If you did not create an account, you can call us at (260) 527-4590, use our “Contact Us” form or CHAT with us, and we would be happy to help you find out the status of your order.

I created an account after I placed my order. Now I can’t find my order in my Order History. What do I do? You can contact us, with your order number, and we would be happy to help with adding your order to your account.

Can I use a coupon on my order? We offer a lot of coupons for various reasons and you can use a coupon on all orders. *Coupons are not valid on sale prices.   


How long will it take to get my order? Daltech Force® products are all hand-crafted as ordered, so it usually takes 2-4 business days to make your items and then they ship out of our Fremont, Indiana facility. In transit time through the post office varies but is usually 2-4 days. 


What is your warranty?

Leather Goods:  Limited Lifetime Warranty to fix or replace:

Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all leather products that we sell for the lifetime of the product.  This covers stitching that breaks buckles that break, or a defect in the leather that we missed. Any defect must be brought to our attention within 14 days for a free replacement.

Elastic Carry Products: One Year Limited Warranty to fix or replace:

Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all elastic carry products for up to one year.  They are covered if the stitching unravels or comes loose or part of the gun pocket separates from the shirt of elastic.  The warranty is limited to one year since theses items are worn and washed frequently and we can’t control the care of the product. 

Just return the product to us, we will repair or replace any item found defective in material, construction or workmanship under normal use. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse. Minor imperfections and slight color variations are normal for a real leather belt since it is a natural product. Cuts on the belt from a sharp holster clip or other equipment that damages the belt is not covered although we are glad to take a look and fix it. If you use your belt for a tow strap (and this has happened) we can not replace it for free. Let us know however, because that would make a great story...

We will not repair a product free of charge if it has been misused, damaged by an accident or if the product is not under warranty but we are glad to take a look and repair it for a nominal charge. Please note that any alteration you do to the product will void the warranty. We will only replace a product with the exact same style, color, and size as originally ordered. We are not able to replace a belt due to weight gain/loss, but we would be happy to adjust the size/holes. Each situation is different, so please contact us.

The customer must pay to send the product back to us if it is not a defect. If you notice a defect when you open you package we pay the shipping both ways for a replacement. If you are exchanging for size see below. Please always contact us or call us at (260) 527-4590 or email us at returns@daltechforce.com to get a Return Authorization Number (RA#) to ship back your merchandise. Returns without an RA# on the box or a note inside with the RA# will be delayed until we figure out what you would like done.



Hassel-free returns/exchanges!*

We are rated 5 STAR ★★★★★ for Customer Service! 

All returns/exchanges MUST have a Return Authorization number. Please call, email or CHAT with us in order to begin your return or exchange. Once you have your Return Authorization number, you are ready to ship it back, using the method of your choice.

I need to return a belt I don't like and I want a refund. What do I do?

1. Contact us to receive your Return Authorization number.

2. Ship it back with the Return Authorization number on the box.

3. When we receive your item in NEW condition, we will issue a refund of your total purchase minus a 15% restocking fee.

I like the product, but I ordered the wrong size and I need to exchange it for another size. What do I do?

1. Contact us to receive your Return Authorization number.

2. Ship it back with the Return Authorization number on the box.

3. When we receive it, we will make the new size and ship it out free of charge.


3. Instead of waiting for us to receive it, go online and order your item in the correct size to get your new product made and shipped ASAP. When we receive your first product back, we will refund the original order on your credit card.

*Items bought under the Clearance section are As Is, Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable, Non-Exchangable because they are sold at or below cost. Please be sure of your size before ordering!