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About Us

Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Daltech ForceFor over a decade Daltech Force® has been manufacturing and selling its brand of high quality USA concealed carry products.  Our own original and exclusive designs include BULLBELT®, SuperBio® and SafestCarry® brands. Born out of a search by the founder for high quality USA gun belts and holsters at a sensible price, the Daltech Force product suite grew from a single table at a gun show into what is now a brand known for handcrafted quality, premium materials, and great prices. With an emphasis on function, safety, comfort, and great looks, Daltech Force has become a top brand for users who want USA made secure CCW products at a sensible price.

Daltech Force products are produced in our facilities in northern Indiana, USA. We are unlike other brands and companies that resell other products that they did not design and manufacture. We put our company reputation behind our brands so you can be sure your purchase is guaranteed.

Our staff work as a tightly integrated team to create a product that our customers know will be top notch. Starting with our production crew cutting thick bullhide, steerhide, and bridle leather hides into straps that become sought after gun belts and molded holsters, or our expert seamstresses putting final touches on our belly band and ankle holsters, Daltech Force CCW products will give you confident and reliable concealed carry options.

Serving civilian, law enforcement, and military markets, Daltech Force will continue to bring CCW products to market that our customers will depend on to bring them years of use and dependability. Couple this with our expert customer service and knowledgeable sales team and you will see why we are trusted by our customers to deliver secure and reliable carry options, order after order.

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