Gun Holsters

Gun Holsters

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OWB Molded Pancake Holster - Three Slot, Two Cant Positions


IWB KYDEX Clip Holster


Pistol Packer PP3 Pocket Holster - Fits Medium Sized Semi-Autos


OWB Molded Belt Slide Holster


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OWB Molded Pancake Holster - Three Slot, Two Cant Positions


IWB Comfort Weight Universal Clip Holster w/out Sweat Guard


OWB Molded 2 Slot FBI Forward Cant Holster


OWB Molded Belt Slide Holster Extended


IWB Comfort Weight™ Universal Clip Holster with Sweat Guard


Pistol Packer PP2 Pocket Holster - For Small Semi-Autos


Ammo Cartridge Loop Holder Belt Slide Holster

We don't mess around with flimsy non-leather holsters.  We take holsters serious and build them to last and function in demanding scenarios.  Built with bull hide and cowhide leather, we hand-mold and finish each one to perform and look good for years.  Our molded pancake holster, IWB holster, OWB holster, pocket holsters, and belt slide holsters use thick leather and avoid the over-glossy stiffness of other mass produced comparisons. Heavy nylon stitching make the seams tough for repeated use and the premium USA leather matches our belts for a great style and look.  Don't forget if any of our holsters fail, fray, or even need tightened up after they are broken in, send them in and we fix them no charge.

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