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Dark Blue
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Comfort-wear Deep Concealment

Half-sleeves for better gun support and a crew neck for deep concealment, comfort and security all day. Fits guns with or without laser (see fitment below) Heavy-weight premium pre-shrunk 100% cotton in black or white. Comfort-wear cotton is not skin-tight like other spandex shirts. Quilted closed pocket keeps dirt out of the gun barrel. Optional mag holder pocket for the other side of the shirt with a restraining strap. Holster pocket and mag holder is sewn directly on the shirt for a secure and durable, no-hassle long lasting rig. Can be worn with the restraining strap tucked in for a faster draw or cut off if desired.

  • Small is chest size 36-38
  • Medium is chest size 40-42
  • Large is chest size 44-46
  • XL is chest size 48-50
  • 2XL is chest size 52-54
  • 3XL is chest size 56-58
  • 4XL is chest size 60-62
  • 5XL is chest size 64-66
  • 6XL is chest size 68-70

Holster pocket size FITS EXTRA SMALL & SMALL GUNS in .22, .25, .32, .380. (some .380 are too big for this shirt pocket like the Walther PK380 & Bersa 380)

This extra small/small holster pocket is sewn shut at the bottom to keep extra small guns from sliding down and keeps barrel clean. Restraining strap keeps gun very secure.

Fits NAA revolvers, Deringers, Semi-autos like Ruger LCP, LC9, Glock 42, Kel-tec P3AT,P32, Beretta Tomcat, Bobcat, S&W 380 Bodyguard, Taurus PT-22, TCP 380, Phoenix Arms, Seacamp, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, Sig P238, Kahr P380, Diamondback, and all similar sized small guns with shorter barrel lengths. If your gun has a longer barrel please call us at 260-527-4590 for a custom fit pocket for medium and large guns.

The optional sewn-on mag holder with Velcro restraining strap fits one single stack mag. Order black or white and in right-hand or left-hand draw. This is a cross-draw design and the gun will tuck under your non-shooting arm.

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