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Gun Holster Belts

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Combining superior craftsmanship, premium US leather, and a multitude of options, holster belts are the backbone of the Daltech Force offerings. Each gun belt is built around a set of specific user requirements. Materials selection, buckle types, stitching style, widths and sizing, are all integrated to provide the user with a high quality premium gun belt that excels in a particular role. From the thickest gun leather holster belt to our Velcro® no buckle holster belt, all of our Daltech Force gun holster belts are crafted with performance, confident carry, and durability in mind. Designed with single prong, double prong, or no buckle these bullhide, horse hide, and cowhide gun belts grew out of direct input from CCW permit holders at home and on the job. You won't find a better quality single layer gun belt or double layer holster belt anywhere else that functions and lasts like a Daltech Force gun belt.