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Compression Shorts Holster



Purpose & Build

Our Women's Fitness Compression Shorts Gun Holster is made for women by women who carry. Working out means you can't always have your purse handy and running alone can be dangerous even in the safest neighborhoods.  Now you can be armed without being uncomfortable.  Our shorts can be worn as athletic shorts or as an undergarment to allow concealed carry.  Unlike other options out there, our spandex shorts holster has a securing strap to keep your gun from falling out during intense activities like running.



  • 15% spandex / 85% polyester
  • Comes in Black or White
  • Ventilated Mesh sides for heat dissipation to keep you dry.
  • Designed to compress in just the right areas to prevent the build up of lactic acid during workouts.
  • Accessory pocket on right thigh for phone or wallet.
  • Gun Size: Will fit nearly any Small, Compact, or Medium sized gun.  Large frame guns and guns with lasers are not recommended.
  • Select right or left handed so we know which side of the tail bone to place the holster pocket.
  • Securing strap to keep gun in place during running, yoga, or any other exercise.


Like many brands, our white compression shorts are a little more sheer compared to the black.  Its recommended to wear matching color undergarments or to use our white compression shorts as an undergarment.

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