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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Pistol Packin’ Poppas.

Alex Dallas

Posted on May 31 2017

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Pistol Packin’ Poppas.

Ties suck. I want you to keep that in mind since Father’s Day is coming up and very few dads want to receive a tie. If your dad is a gun guy we are going to make it easy for you. As a fellow father, and gun guy I like to think I know what other gun guys want. I can tell you we don’t want ties. If your dad is anything like mine he’s been there for me at every step of my life, and Father’s Day is how I show my appreciation. So, if you want to really impress your Dad this Father’s Day take a little advice from us on a few items on the wish list of any gun toting dad.


This is one of the easiest gifts to give. Every toy needs batteries and ammo is basically the batteries of the gun world. There are a few things to keep in mind when you go to buy ammo for your Dad. First and foremost, you gotta know what kind of guns he owns. Next, you need to know which guns he likes to shoot. I own a wide variety of firearms, but I don’t shoot them all regularly. My antique WW1 rifles don’t make it to the range often. 

Know the guns dad owns, and the one dad prefers to shoot. To do this you simple need to pay attention! Paying attention is the best way to buy any gift. When in doubt just ask which gun he conceal carries. Every concealed carrier could use some more trigger time and training with their concealed carry handgun. They are also likely to be big fans of the gun they trust their life to anyway. 

A Gun Belt.

If ties suck as gifts why is a belt any different? Well I’ve never had a tie help make carrying a gun more comfortable. Most people don’t realize just how big a difference a good gun belt makes. It lifts the firearms, and holds it tight to the body. Gun belts can also look nice and professional, or even casual, or they can look stylish. The gun belt marketplace is quite broad, and gives you plenty of choices to match your dad’s style. At the same time, you need to know a few things before you buy a belt. 


Obviously, you gotta know your dad’s style and size. That’s an easy one, just grab one of his belts, and observe it. The tricky part is finding out what kind of gun he carries, and what kind of holster he uses. If it’s a full-size gun and strongside OWB holster you may want a steel or kydex reinforced belt. If the gun is lighter, smaller, and more compact you can go with a lighter weight gun belt. Shop around a bit to make sure it’s just right for dad.


Buying a holster for another person can be difficult. It really requires you to know your dad. There are tons of different styles of holsters and most are made for specific types of firearms. So, before you buy dad a holster you need to know how he carries and what he carries. Here are a few examples of different types of holster holsters. 

Holster need to match the gun. So this is another task that requires you to know dad’s carry gun, or carry guns. I carry a few different guns depending on the style of dress, or how the mood strikes me. I also like a holster for every handgun I have, including models I don’t conceal carry. So if dad has a new gun that may be a good one to target for a new holster.


All right college kids if you are on a tight budget your dad probably understands. Likely he knows, and isn’t expecting a Colt Python for Father’s Day. You can still get him a meaningful gift on a budget. Targets are a simple and affordable option for the shooter in all of us. I prefer targets that are more dynamic than a simple bulls eyes. My favorite affordable targets are the Champion LE targets.

These targets will help enhance training for defensive firearm use. They are also pretty big, and quite affordable. A little shopping online and you’ll see you can buy targets of all kinds by the dozen in most places. Even Amazon carries a wide variety of targetry.

Now if you aren’t on a budget don’t write off targets just as a gift. My favorite target is my Shoot Steel Classic popper. It’s also priced at less than a 100 dollars, and steel targets are an absolute blast to shoot.

Range Time.

Getting dad some range time is another awesome way to show you appreciate dad. Depending on how your local range operates you can often buy range time in the form of a gift card. Even better if the range offers a membership option and you can buy your dad a year's membership. Range time is an excellent gift because it allows Dad to set aside time for himself, enjoy his firearms and build his skills. A little range time can be the best therapy for the busy dad. 

Gun Related Gift Card.

All right, so you are completely lost when it comes to buying your dad a Father’s Day gift. You know zero about guns, or you waited until the last minute possible and need something to give dad he’ll love. So, in this case a gift card may be the best route to go. This allows dad to choose what he wants with you picking up the tab. Lucky for you I’m here to help. As a gun guy who shops a lot online I know which companies offer awesome service, great products, and amazing customer service. They also offer Gift Cards!
Holster and Belt

Bonus: Time with Dad. 

Don’t forget that one of the best gifts you can give is time with dad. This can tie back into the gun theme pretty easily. If you buy range time for dad go with him and shoot! If you are buying ammo for dad, buy enough for both of you to go shooting. In you have siblings feel free to team up, one buying ammo, one buying range time, and one buying targets. Giving dad some of your time will mean more than you know.

Happy Fathers Day Folks!

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