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Choosing Your Perfect Gun Holster Belt Width

Alex Dallas

Posted on August 29 2016

"What width should my gun holster belt be?"

I wondered if it really mattered at first, but there are a few things to consider before you just pick the standard width offered by most gun belt makers. At Daltech the gun belt width choice is usually 1.25", 1.50", and 1.75" depending on which style you prefer. I first look at what pair of pants I will be carrying my gun with. Some dress pants and Dickie brand work pants have smaller belt loops so I choose the 1.25" width to get through those smaller loops. For my jeans the standard 1.5" width does the job since the belt loops are bigger and I really prefer this width for my choice of leather holster and I usually carry a larger gun with jeans since I can wear a bigger shirt over my Springfield Armory XDM full size barrel to conceal it better. Now when I really feel macho and want to go more tactical or for a swat team look, I dig out my cargo pants or 5.11 pants and I will wear the 1.75" wide Daltech BULLBELT concealed carry bullhide belt and go with my Sig Sauer P227. I'd usually wear this as my gun range belt since wearing this rig all day gets a bit clumsy if I'm sitting a lot. All in all, I usually decide where I'm headed out the door and choose my weapon first and that will help me decide. If I'm going to church or fancy dinner and want to tuck away my Glock 42 IWB then my 1.25" is just fine and fits my dress slacks. Don't forget that any of these different widths will work as long as it is made as a CCW belt from a quality manufacturer like Daltech Force. Never assume that the Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop belt is a premium holster belt and don't settle for less than is available if you want the security and confidence that carrying gives you.

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