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Black SideLoader Belly Band Holster



Purpose & Build

Exclusively designed by law enforcement and made in our own shop. Comfort-Wear elastic stretches around your waist to conceal one handgun and your choice of up to 4 extra magazines. New design allows for quick and easy reholstering with our exclusive reholstering tab design; comes standard on all belly bands. Great for activities that require more movement or for deep concealed carry. Great midsection support and does not roll over. Belly bands offer extreme versatility as they can be worn and turned anywhere around your waist to position the gun in the front, on the side for cross-draw.


  • - Flexible, comfortable elastic concealment holster 
  • - Easy to wear feels comfortable and secure all day
  • - Great for running and other activities that require more movement
  • - Choose spandex lining if you’re wearing against bare skin for comfort
  • - We use military grade materials for the ultimate support 
  • - 1” wide restraining strap is sewn in for secure carry


  • - Belly Band Holster Size: 4” Width
  • - Number of Guns: 1 Holster Pocket
  • - Number of Mags: None, One, Two, Three, or Four
  • - Lining: Option to add Spandex to wick day moisture and keep you cool
  • - Gun Size: Small or Large (Find your gun size below)
  • - To understand sizing and wearing belly band Click Here
  • - Handing: Select Right Hand or Left Hand Draw
  • - Reholstering Tab comes standard for easy gun reholstering 


Small Gun Pocket Fits: Single stack semi-autos like Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec PF9 and all 1911 frames.

Large Gun Pocket Fits: Double stack semi-autos like Glocks, XDs, S&W M&P and all J-Frame and larger revolvers.


Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Made in the USA by Daltech Force®

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