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In 2007 our founder, Alex Dallas, went searching for a gun belt that was better than what he was finding in the big box stores. Little did he know at the time that the search for a real gun belt would lead him to starting his own company and brand. It wasn't that a good gun belt didn't exist, but it was either too thin made out of cowhide, not made in the USA, or had inferior hardware and lacked premium quality and detail. His search went from hobbyists to factories and finally ended up being a personal creation that had the features that a real gun belt should have. It was thick premium USA bullhide leather, not bonded or half plastic, not cheap thin cardboard layers, but one solid piece of bull leather that would stand the test of time and would stand up to rigorous holster carry. It had great details of hand-rounded corners that were hand-dyed, and solid metal hardware with screws for holding power and to allow changing a buckle.

It was deep creased embossing in patterns like basketweave, and leather finishes that were revealing and had a natural appeal without looking too perfect and machine stamped. What resulted was a handcrafted inspired creation that had all of the great qualities and craftsmanship you would expect with the details that you could admire. What resulted was a belt that was like a bull, but with manners, made out of bull hide - and what became the name The BULLBELT®.

The BULLBELT® journey has evolved from the those early years of being the first and best real concealed carry belt sold at tables at gun shows around the country, to now being the #1selling gun belt being available to select retailers. Still mastercrafted and still long-lasting, the BULLBELT®name sets it apart from the copycat gun belts that cut corners on materials and workmanship.