Natural Smooth Bull Hide Leather Gun Belt


Wear a Real Belt - Bull Hide Full-Grain Leather Belt

This is our latest RoughCut® bull hide belt. Makes a great casual, work, or gun holster belt and is one of our best sellers at this price point or for those customers that want to have a thick premium belt without the cost of the extra finishing touches or custom options. This belt has a rougher look and feel than our other bull hide belts. The face of the belt is nice and smooth, but the back and edges show unique roughness of the underside of the hide to add character. This is a tough thick premium USA leather and will outlast any other belt at this price point. Cut from full hides of leather. 1 1/2" wide fits standard belt loops. This belt varies in thickness approximately 1/4" thick or 14-15 oz. This bull hide is vegetable tanned in a tan color yet shows unique natural hide marks and color variations. Tan color has undyed edges for a classic natural look. Heavy duty steel roller buckle. Changeable buckle with screw fasteners. Seven large oval holes spaced 1" apart. Premium USA full-grain leather that is not glued, laminated, bonded, or stitched together. It will never split or come apart - Lifetime Warranty against defects. Sizing is easy - Add 2" to your waist size and that is the belt size to order. For example, if you have a 38" waist order a 40" belt.


*Item will ship same day when ordered before 2pm EST. Orders placed after 2pm EST will ship next business day.*

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If you have questions on sizing, please call to speak with our excellent customer service sales staff at 1-844-GUN-BELT.

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Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all leather products that we sell for the lifetime of the product. This covers stitching that breaks buckles that break, or a defect in the leather that we missed.


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Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all elastic carry products for up to one year.  They are covered if the stitching unravels or comes loose or part of the gun pocket separates from the shirt of elastic.  The warranty is limited to one year since theses items are worn and washed frequently and we can’t control the care of the product.  

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