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Rustic Brown Elephant Banded Western Revolver Holster



Purpose & Build

Western style revolver holster meant for outside the waistband carry.  It is made with thick Brown Water Buffalo leather. The majority of the holster is made from 1 large piece accentuated with a second smaller Rustic Brown African Elephant Leather flared band. 



  • - Fits most revolvers with at least a 3" barrel
  • - Available in right-hand and left-hand
  • - Extra wide belt loop to work with belts up to 3" wide
  • - Open end to allow for longer barrel lengths (end of barrel will stick out past holster for longer barrels)



  • - Approximately 5 1/2" Wide at top tapered to 3" wide at barrel side.
  • - Approximately 7 3/4" length
  • - Flared Band 2 3/8" at widest point
  • - 12-13 oz
  • - Premium Brown African Water Buffalo leather to hold weapon
  • - Genuine Rustic Brown Elephant Leather accent band around the holster
  • - Heavy nylon stitching for durability
  • - Two Chicago screws to secure flared accent band.

Will My Gun Fit?

Fits all popular revolvers from Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Charter Arms, Colt, Chiappa, Cimarron, and others in large and extra large frame size in .357,41,.44,.45,.460,.454 standard and mag. and .410.

Small frame J frame will fit but is loose. If you have a revolver with a 2" or 2 1/2" barrel length we don't recommend this holster as your weapon will not fit as securely.


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