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Boot Wrap Gun Holster with Mag Pocket


Olive Tan

Purpose & Build


Designed and tested by law enforcement with rugged use in mind. Comfort-Wear elastic stretches around your boot to conceal one handgun and an extra magazine. New design allows for quick and easy reholstering with our exclusive reholstering tab design; comes standard on all belly bands and elastic holsters. Great for activities that require more movement or for deep concealed carry. Designed for use over high work boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots and tactical boots.




  • - We provide these to law enforcement to carry a backup
  • - Flexible, comfortable elastic concealment holster 
  • - Easy to wear feels comfortable and secure all day
  • - Great for running and other activities that require more movement
  • - We use military grade materials for the ultimate support 




  • - Boot Holster Size: 4” Width
  • - Color: Black, White or Olive Tan
  • - Number of Guns: 1 Holster Pocket
  • - Number of Mags: One Magazine
  • - Gun Size: Small to Medium Semi-auto or revolver (See gun size below)
  • - Handing: Left or Right Handing


Small Gun Pocket Fits: Single stack semi-autos like NAA revolvers, Deringers, Ruger LCP/LC9/LC380, Kel-Tec P3AT/P32, Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat, S&W 380 Bodyguard, Taurus PT-22, Phoenix Arms, Seecamp, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, Sig P238/P938, Kahr P380, and all similar sized small guns with shooter barrel length. Also fits Kimber Solo, Beretta Nano, Taurus PT709 Slim/PT238, Walther PPS, Glock 42/43. Will also fit snub nose J-Frame Revolvers like S7W, Charter Arms, Taurus and all similar. Will fit 1911 models but not recommended for the 5 inch full size due to barrel length. Fits all guns listed above with or without your attached factory laser. Recommended for guns weighing under 25 oz with a full magazine.


Not intended for use on a bare ankle due to the longer length. Please see our Padded Neoprene Ankle Holster for bare ankle carry.


Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Made in the USA by Daltech Force® 🇺🇸

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