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Universal Gun Holsters

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ComfortWeight™ Universal IWB Clip Holster


ComfortWeight™ Universal IWB Clip Holster with Sweat Guard


Pistol Packer PP1 Cargo Pocket Holster with Extra Mag Holder - Fits Small Semi-Autos


Pistol Packer PP2 Pocket Holster - For Small Semi-Autos


Pistol Packer PP3 Pocket Holster - Fits Medium Sized Semi-Autos




Pistol Packer PPS Snub Nose Pocket Gun Holster

Daltech Force®, leader in the CCW market has made carrying easy with their line of USA made universal gun holsters. Great for the person on a budget or just starting out, having a gun holster that can easily transition from one gun to the next is great. Choose from a pocket holster for an easy backup carry option or a IWB holster for a great secure, concealed carry. All proudly made in the USA, in our Northeast Indiana facilities.

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