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Here at Dogtech Force, there’s nothing we loathe more than seeing a tough dog walking around unprotected. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a limited-edition Canine Collection featuring our classic holster designs - each crafted from chew-resistant leather.

Customers emailed and called, wondering where they could find great-looking, long-lasting, dog friendly holsters at a fair price. We are proud to bring canine open carry protection with our new collection - a line truly worthy of man’s best friend. 

Whether burying bones, sniffing butts, or just gnawing on slippers, we believe that all dogs deserve the right to carry. 


Go Ahead, take them off the leash. 
It’s a Dog Eat Dog world out there.


Okay, okay. We're just joking. But we have some great deals going on right now for all your human needs!  


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