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Dry Fit Comfort-wear Deep Concealment

Half-sleeves for better gun support and a crew neck for deep concealment, comfort and security all day. Fits guns with or without laser (see fitment below). Light-weight premium dry fit polyester in black. Dry fit is not skin-tight like other spandex shirts and wicks away sweat from your body for comfortable all day carry. Neoprene open-end gun pocket and provides comfort against your skin. Optional mag holder pocket for the other side of the shirt with a restraining strap. The optional sewn-on mag holder fits one single stack mag. Holster pocket and mag holder is sewn directly on the shirt for a secure and durable, no-hassle long lasting rig. This is a cross-draw design and the gun will tuck under your non-shooting arm.

  • Small is chest size 36-38
  • Medium is chest size 40-42
  • Large is chest size 44-46
  • XL is chest size 48-50
  • 2XL is chest size 52-54
  • 3XL is chest size 56-58

Holster pocket size FITS EXTRA SMALL & SMALL GUNS in .22, .25, .32, .380. (some .380 are too big for this shirt pocket like the Walther PK380 & Bersa 380)

Fits NAA revolvers, Deringers, Semi-autos like Ruger LCP, LC9, Glock 42, Kel-tec P3AT,P32, Beretta Tomcat, Bobcat, S&W 380 Bodyguard, Taurus PT-22, TCP 380, Phoenix Arms, Seacamp, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, Sig P238, Kahr P380, Diamondback, and all similar sized small guns with shorter barrel lengths. Please call us at 260-527-4590 for a custom fit pocket for medium and large guns.


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