Proudly Made in the USA

Elephant Hide Gun Belt 12-14 oz


Dark Brown

Purpose & Build

Our elephant hide leather gun belts are made exclusively in our custom leather shop. We purchase our elephant hides from leather tanneries that only buy directly from African State supported exporters and all hides are obtained in a legal and controlled manner supported and licensed by the local African authorities. Elephant hide never goes unnoticed. Be the envy of every gun carrier you know!


We purchase our exotic hides from USA tanneries who follow the strict requirements of the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species (CITES) permits. Exotic hides can vary in texture, patterns and color but the picture is a good example of what you will receive. 



  • - One row of stitching adds style and rigidity to dual layer exotic leather belt
  • - Our gun belts are trademarked, designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Daltech Force® in the USA. 
  • - Made thick and perfect for CCW
  • Option to add Steel Core 



  • - 1.5" Width 
  • - 9 holes at 3/4" Spacing
  • - Choice of Buckles: Heavy Duty Quiet Roller Buckle in stainless steel
  • - Chicago Screws for changeable buckle
  • - 12-14 oz Thick 
  • - Exclusive Daltech Force® Design


Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Made in the USA by Daltech Force®


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