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Deep Celtic impression in full-grain leather gun belt. One of our most popular embossed patterns. Celtic pattern is a distinct, unique look and adds class to any belt.  Changeable buckle with screw fasteners. USA full-grain leather is the ultimate single layer belt. Premium USA full-grain leather that is not glued, laminated, or stitched together. It will never split or come apart...and notice even the keeper loop is stitched! Daltech Force® Gun Belts are made from all American leather and made in America in the Daltech Force® leather shop. Our standard thickness gun belts are 12-13 oz. We shoot for 13 oz, which is approximately 3/16" thick, but with natural hides some are slightly thinner or thicker.



  • - Deep celtic impression in full-grain leather gun belt
  • - Single layer design will never split or come apar
  • - Our gun belts are trademarked, designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Daltech Force in the USA. 
  • - Made thick and perfect for CCW



  • - 1.5" Width 
  • - 5 holes at 1" Spacing
  • - Chicago Screws for changeable buckle
  • - 12-13 oz Thick 
  • - Brushed Nickel Roller
  • - For options in hardware Click Here
  • - Exclusive Daltech Force® Design


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