White 6" Wide Sideloader™ Belly Band


One Large Gun Sideloader™ Daltech SafestCarry® Belly Band Gun Holster 

Size: 6" Wide 
Color: Black or White
Number of Guns: 1 
Gun Pocket Size: Small, Large, X-Large


The holster pocket comes in size small, large and x-large to fit all large frame guns that have a light attached to the rail or a scope mounted on top. This belly band is the only one that will hold your double stack polymer with a light attached to the rail. Holsters are hard to find when your gun has a light attached under the barrel but this rig will hold it securely and will allow a smooth draw. This is a heavy duty belly band made for law enforcement in our own facility. It has a wide 1" wide restraining strap sewn in for secure carry. Heavy-Duty hook and loop closure keeps the belly band very secure and allows adjustment. Belly bands offer extreme versatility as they can be worn and turned anywhere around your waist to position the gun in the front, on the side, cross-draw, right or left hand. 


Example Guns that fit the Small Gun Holster Pocket: Small frame semi-autos like: Ruger LCP/LC9/LC380, SCCY, Diamondback, Kel-tec P3AT, Kahr 380, Sig P238, Glock G42, S&W Bodyguard 380 and all similar smaller semi-autos. Fits all 1911 frame size and barrel lengths.(1911's are heavy guns but the slide and trigger guard are small compared to a large polymer double stack semi-auto) 

Example Guns that fit the Large Gun Holster Pocket: Large/Medium frame semi-autos like: EAA, CZ, Glocks except G42, Springfield XD, S&W M&P, HK, F&N, Walther, Kahr, Sig Sauer, Highpoint, Shield, XDS, Nano,and all similar. Also fits J-Frame size revolvers like: S&W 442/642, Ruger LCRLCRX, Charter Arms.

Choose Size X-Large to fit Guns with a Tactical Light Holster: CZ, Glocks, Springfield XD, S&W M&P, HK, F&N, Walther, Sig Sauer, all large frame guns will fit this holster with a tactical light attached. Lights like Streamlight TLR and scoped like Eotech. Product images shown with an X-Large Gun Pocket.

State your gun, light and/or scope model when ordering for proper fit.


Carry All Day, Your Way!®

Custom Made In USA by Daltech Force®



If you have questions on sizing, please call to speak with our excellent customer service sales staff at 1-844-GUN-BELT.

Leather Goods:  Limited Lifetime Warranty to fix or replace:

Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all leather products that we sell for the lifetime of the product. This covers stitching that breaks buckles that break, or a defect in the leather that we missed.


Elastic Carry Products: One Year Limited Warranty to fix or replace:

Daltech Enterprises, Inc. will cover any defects in materials, construction, or workmanship on all elastic carry products for up to one year.  They are covered if the stitching unravels or comes loose or part of the gun pocket separates from the shirt of elastic.  The warranty is limited to one year since theses items are worn and washed frequently and we can’t control the care of the product.  

Daltech Force is not responsible for the use or misuse, mis-handling, and careless use of firearms when using our products. Firearms are dangerous. Make sure to read all instructions and take training and classes to handle firearms in a safe manner. 


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