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Carrying Comfortably IWB

Alex Dallas

Posted on July 21 2016

Inside the Waistband or IWB, is a very popular way to conceal and carry a handgun.  We make many styles of handgun holsters her in our Daltech facilities and the IWB is one of my personal favorites.  Since I wear my IWB with my Glock 26 against my skin, especially in warm summer months, I really like the sweat guard or pinch panel for these reasons: First, is the fact that perspiration on my handgun day after day will degrade the finish of my nice new Glock G26 semi-auto 9 mm, so that extra piece of leather that completely covers the end of the slide and keeps sweat away from my handgun will keep it newer longer. I know what you’re thinking… this guy must sweat just sitting around! But that’s not the case.  Summer heat and humidity just creates an unavoidable, can I say, “Moist environment.”  

Concealed Carry IWBSecond, the hard steel slide and rounded edge on the grip and mag is not pleasant to feel, especially when I sit or bend down and get the jab or pinch.  Again, the leather extension on the top of the holster is a welcome buffer between my skin and the gun.  Lastly, the secure feeling of having more of my gun in a holster makes carrying it less intimidating and more comfortable.  I never leave my home or office without my concealed carry gun and gun belt, and I know it is because I can do it without really noticing I’m carrying it and it just feels right nestled securely against my skin with out printing.  If I lug around a larger rig, and quite often I do like my 1911 .45, it is just not as stealthy and if I had to carry OWB all the time I’m guessing I would leave it on my desk and tell myself it’s just not comfortable enough. 

Check out our various offerings of USA leather holsters with sweat guards and leather gun belts at and Be Ready and In Control™.

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  • Jerry: April 30, 2020

    Just received my Super Bio special ops belt. If you are looking for quality and American made, look no further. This belt lives up to its reputation. I am already planning to purchase another Daltech belt in the near future. 👍👍

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