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Leather vs Non-leather for EDC

Alex Dallas

Posted on July 29 2016

Carl walked up to me the other day and just about tore his shirt off to show me his gun belt he bought a few weeks ago. It was nice. Thick leather with a nice stitch going around the top and bottom - pretty much what you'd find on the internet for around $50-$75. So I asked him, "Why did you pick that belt in particular?" His answer was pretty canned too and he told me, "I thought English Bridle leather was the best gun belt material and the price was under $50." Well I jumped at the chance to edumacate my college friend on leather vs non-leather for a gun belt. When he showed me the front of the buckle I could already see the hole he was using had that familiar stretch mark pucker that gets longer and longer, and when he turned around I noticed the also familiar belt loop dent that deforms the edge of the belt when it gets pulled tightly when the only thing stopping it from riding up your back is the one center belt loop on his jeans. I kinda shuttered but gave him my reasons for going non-leather. I listed them off one at a time and he just stared at his belt. "This SuperBio made only by Daltech Force that I wear has an internal webbing so it keeps the holes looking like holes and not slots. The finish stays nice no matter how much sweat or food I manage to get on it. The thickness is just right for lighter summer carry with my XDS and it goes through all my holsters like butter." He looked confused when he asked "Well how much?" I replied "Less that what you just paid for a belt that may be warranteed for 100 years, but believe me you won't want to wear it after one year and it looks stained and warped." In the end he still likes leather, and most people do, but a non-leather CCW belt holds just as much gear, looks great a lot longer, and is easier on your hips than those monster thick gun belts that are getting way too much marketing hype. And here's the best part: I wore it as a dress belt with my dress pants and my wife even approved. He agreed and said it sounded like a another purchase for him. Now we both carry with leather and non-leather depending on the occasion and switching up saves wear and tear on both. Try our IndestructiBelt® for CCW and I bet you won't take it off!

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